Pace Golf : 9 Holes in 90 Minutes

It’s about time


Welcome to the next new era of golf, Dedicated Pace Zones set up on nine holes of the course.

 Golf course marshals, course to check that Members have their stamped score card, on the correct tee at the right time.

 GPS trackers will precisely highlight any problems and immediately alert the Marshal

 Dedicated staff focused specifically on booking, monitoring and teaching members about PACE golf.

 Dedicated ‘Short Stay’ Parking spaces outside of the shop for members to pop into the shop, collect their score cards and drive to the carpark nearer to the golf course.




1. Be prepared to play before it’s your turn to hit. Ensure you have tees, gloves, a ball marker, a pitch mark repairer and a ball ready.

 2. Make some practise swings (safely) whilst you are waiting to play.

 3. Think about your next shot as you are walking to it. Don’t wait until it’s your turn before you weigh up the yardage, wind, ground conditions, how your feeling, altitude, air pressure and all the other things you’re thinking of! 

 4. Don’t travel in a pack to the next shot to be played.

 5. Get to your ball as fast as you can safely do so (without charging in front of your playing partner)

 6. If you have some doubts about finding your ball, play a provisional to save walking all the way back to the tee.

 7. Non competition games don’t have to abide by all the rules! Give some puts, drop a ball if you can’t find one and keep it fun!

 8. Never delay a shot to finish a conversation. The bar is a great place for conversation, a busy golf course not so much…

 9. Play ready golf, if you are ready to play and it is safe to do so, go for it.

 10. When you get to the green don’t wait until it’s your turn to read your putt, check the line and distance and be ready when it’s your turn, might learn something from how the ball bounces and could

11. Watch your playing partners shots. You help find it if your partner is struggling.

 12. The Marshal is trying to help keep everybody’s game enjoyable, so always be courteous and help where possible.